I have just removed the last of the honey from the bees, on the whole its been a productive season, well I say season the main honey flow lasted around 3 weeks, this was the last two weeks of June and the first week of July. The main crop again came from Lime trees, bramble and clover. Bees need nice sunny days to collect the nectar from blossom, which in turn the convert into honey, August has been a complete wash out! Two days of glorious weather is simply no good for honey production.

Its now time for winter preparation, the bees will be fed to ensure they have enough stores for the winter months. They will also be treated for Varroa this is a tiny parasitic mite that is devastating the honeybee population across the world.

At this present time I have honey for sale, there is nothing that disappoints me more when someone asking for honey in the depths of the winter and it’s all sold! My advice is to stock up now, honey has no shelf life, it lasts forever, in fact they found honey in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians and it was still perfectly fine to eat. Honey also makes the perfect gift for friends and family for Christmas, why not shop early and get yours now.