Are you looking for a label that makes your label stand out from the rest? Then look no further.

We offer a print ready label design for all your honey products, you will be surprised how cost effected our bespoke design are compared to the ‘Standard’ labels you purchase off bee supply companies.  These labels are supplied on reels of 500 (minimum order is 1000), they can either be applied by hand or using a hand labelling machine that can cost as little as £200. Label pricing depends on quantity, physical size and material, however they can be as little as £70 – £80 per 1000, if printed in large quantities. These prices compare favourably with the major honey supply companies. We also design and supply ‘Tamper Labels’ these cost around £32 per 1000 if you order 3000, and can be designed to match your jar label.

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Below are some sample labels designed for a number of customers.