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Season Update

I have just removed the last of the honey from the bees, on the whole its been a productive season, well I say season the main honey flow lasted around 3 weeks, this was the last two weeks of June and the first week of July. The main crop again came from Lime trees, bramble […]

Final Honey Crop

This weekend we extracted what may possibly be our final crop of honey for 2018, the weather was find to us at the beginning of the summer, but as you all know we desperately needed rain. The intense heat and lack of rain meant that many of the bees forage was either scorched or failed […]

Honey 2018

We now have our first honey for sale of 2018, this glorious weather has produced an early that normal crop of honey, this is available in both 12oz jars and as honey comb. If you want to purchase some of this liquid gold message us on: 07801231817 or you can send us an email via […]

Nectar Flow

The good news is as we all know the weather has been glorious, this means the bees have been working really hard and have built up nicely. At present the main nectar producing plant are in full flower, these here include Lime Trees, Bramble and Clover. Bees collect nectar off these flowers and transport it […]

Poor Spring

After what can be describe as one of the poorest spring we have had in many years the bees have finally started to expand and gather honey. Its early days but the bees are working hard in this glorious weather. After the ‘Beast from the East’ which had a terrible effect on the spring ‘build-up’ […]

Cold Weather

The past few weeks has seen a rise in temperature, the bees are starting to build up well for the spring (if we ever see it). Today we are back to -2C here in Mountain Ash, the snow that was forecast has hit us hard. Lets hope the bees knew it was coming like we […]

Reusable Food Wraps

With the media all over plastic waste, a number of people have asked me if I supply beeswax so they can make their own ‘reusable’ wraps. I was intrigued as to what these wraps were, I have found this video showing how easy they are to make. Yes we do supply beeswax to make your […]

Manuka Honey Scandal

Manuka honey – now you can be sure you’re buying the real deal The Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UHMFA) has been working with Fera, the joint venture between Capita and Defra, to identify genuine – and fake – Manuka honey. Manuka honey is well known for its health benefits, touted as a ‘superfood’ – […]

Comb Honey

We now have a supply of natural comb honey available, contact us to order yours. Delicious honey in its rawest form. This natural sweetener can be eaten right out of the tub, or break it up and add to salads and ice cream or a delicious topping for your porridge in the morning.

Why Honey Sets (Crystallise)

Honeys over time will crystallise, process where the honey appears to be thickened, become lumpy and grainy. Often referred to as granulation. Its a natural phenomenon by which honey turns from a liquid to semi-solid state. Crystallization by no means changes the quality of your raw honey, or mean it is off. It only affects […]